COMQUEST is the Annual International Academic Meet hosted by the Department of Commerce, Lady Shri Ram College for Women. It comes with a plethora of events organized with an objective of meshing imagination and learning with creativity and innovation while decoding the complexities and uncertainties in the ever-changing business world. The thrust is to make students accustomed to harmonious reverberations of change while challenging their minds to explore alternative ways of ingenuity. The following is the list of events that they will be organizing: October 20 1. Mindbenders- The Business Quiz Come be a part of this riveting event and put your worldly prudence to test. Be ready, be fast, get noticed. 2. Fin-O-Lution- in collaboration with E-Cell, LSR Aces of Finance, the ultimate test of wisdom in Finance and Entrepreneurship. 3. Bullion- Stock Market Simulation Pack your bags with luck, skill, instinct and strategy on the journey to capture the excitement of Stock markets, the old outcry style. October 21 4. Board V/S CXO Risk Simulation Game- Flagship event in collaboration with GRMI Versed enough to play with your wits in precarious circumstances? You have to be mindful enough to handle uncertainties. 5. Vortrag- The Paper Presentation If analysis and research is your forte, better groom yourself as we come up with innovative topics to put your grey cells to use. 6. Global Economic and Social Summit- Committee Simulation A Tri-sector forum to calibrate your economic and business know how bringing Government, Business and Civilians together. October 22 7. GamePlan- The B-Plan Competition Have an idea that could be the ‘next big thing’ in the market? Join us in the trail, to become the ultimate Cracker Jack. 8. Vikings- The Venture Capital Event This is the place to be, if you consider yourself proficient enough to judge whether an idea has the enough potential to bear fruition or not. 9. Monopoly Commercialised Turn your board-game love into a fierce competitive spirit and prove your mettle in Monopoly with a twist.


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