2014 was touted to be “Ubre” cab’s year and oh boy, did it live up to the expectations, being voted the most ethical and the most employee friendly company of 2014 by experts, and why not?!  Ubre is well known for being very particular about having a thorough background check done on the drivers they employ. In fact, if sources are to be believed, the verification authorities use a “very sophisticated mechanism” of pressing the thumb against an ink pad and having the imprint on the documents, while giving a go-ahead to employ the drivers. This explains why there has “not been a single charge” of physical or sexual assault levied on them, either in India or US or Canada.

They could have started the company without a proper license five years back and could have made millions. However, the company being very ethical waited for five years for a license to be issued, thus compromising on all the profit that they could have earned. In addition, not a single incident of the Ubre driver charging to hit his passengers with a hammer has ever taken place. Also they have shown great amount of respect to their competitors and have played it pretty fair and square. This fairness in such a competitive world is unheard of. Ubre has never even contemplated making fake ride requests to cramp the opponent’s logistics and hence lead to their inefficiency, in turn diverting the disgruntled customers towards them.

In addition to being a highly ethical company, it has also been voted as the best company to work for, in a survey conducted by a leading rating agency. They have particularly turned their attention towards an Indian driver working at Delhi, named Bumaar,who has been rated as the performer of the year for his contribution towards the company. He is not alone, they have a plethora of such star performers working throughout the globe, making the company a “rapedly” growing one. Innovation runs deep in the company and they are proud of the fact that they train drivers to be “more than just drivers”, which is also their motto. Below are the reasons why the company has been rated as the best company to work for and why their drivers are best in the industry.

Relevant experience

Unlike other companies who hire just other normal people, Ubre believes in ensuring that they hire only the best and that the candidate has good prior experience in the “domain”. They believed that Bumaar had good experience, as suggested by his “achievements” of 2011 and 2013 and hence felt that he was apt for the job. After all, the company was looking for more than just a regular driver. They also had background checks done on Bumaar to ensure that he is indeed clean, as ethics is of paramount importance for the company. There were quite a few people who testified and ensured the company of his high standard of ethics. Surprisingly, most of them were women.

 Location preference

Being in line with the clean and safe image of our national capital, Ubre services thought Delhi to be the best fit for this moral and exemplary employee. Who said companies have stopped paying heed to the demands of the employees? They gave him what he wanted and are reaping the benefits now.

Commemoration of employee achievements

To commemorate the achievements of Bumaar, they have declared a “holiday” for all the employees in some parts of the country, starting from Delhi, and Maharashtra, Karnataka and others being the latest additions. This holiday would be for an undisclosed duration of time. Bumaar claims all this was only possible because of a training module developed by the company on “how not to take advantage of things”. He had taken a particular liking to this module and had promised to put it to good use, and which he did. In this day and age where companies make the employees work like donkeys, it is pleasing to see a company respecting and rewarding a “deserving” employee for his achievements.

Sabbatical policies and “Sick” leaves

Afer all the hard work, Bumaar indeed agree that he is “sick”, that is, his health has not been keeping well recently, and hence would need a sabbatical from work. The company being very employee friendly immediately granted him a sabbatical, which might very well last for more than a few years. They have assured him of giving the job back once he is back from the sabbatical which he plans to spend behind bars, oops, I mean which he plans to spend learning to drive new cars. After all, the company believes in having more than just a normal driver.

“From the moment you request a ride to the moment you arrive, the Ubre experience has been designed from the ground up with your safety in mind.” These are the words of the company’s CEO. For a company this dedicated to safety, it’s a no brainer why there is not a single incident playing on my mind which can question this company’s honestly and integrity, be it any part of India, including Delhi.

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